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Talking Mickey Now Greeting at Town Square in Magic Kingdom

I have a confession. On our last trip, I didn’t stop by and see Mickey at Town Square. Since Minnie moved to Storybook Circus, I decided to skip seeing Mickey on his own at Magic Kingdom. I know, it’s probably a felony or something. If it helps at all, I saw Mickey twice at Epcot. But next trip, you will definitely find me at Town Square, because now, Mickey can talk.

Mickey isn’t answering guest questions, yet, but you can see him in action in this video from Disney.

Will you be stopping to see talking Mickey on your next trip? What do you think of this new character interaction. I wonder how this will evolve. Will we eventually be talking with all characters, not just the faced characters?

Disney Rose Gardens

Hello, Joshua here. I’m a bit of a rose fanatic and when we went to Disney World for the first time in many years, I had to stop and smell the roses!

Hidden in plain sight near the base of Cinderella Castle, to the right of the circle toward Tomorrowland, is an horticultural treasure. In 1980, Disney opened a rose garden intended as a tribute to the All-American Rose Selections (AARS) breeders and judges. The garden was so successful that in 1985, AARS presented Disney with a plaque:


When we visited Disney World, I had to walk through the gardens and snapped a few quick pictures. This was an especially nice Sweet Surrender hybrid tea.


Disney has grown their roses on a special rootstock. Rose grafts aren’t too pretty but the Rosa fortuniana rootstock does help them thrive in the warm Florida sun.


If you have a green thumb and would like to bring some Disney home, there is a Disneyland floribunda rose that grows in many regions of the US. My rose garden is full at the moment (Anyone else have that problem?), but I may have to find a way to squeeze one of these in.

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