About Us

Hi there! We’re Shawna & Joshua, and we love Disney. After five years of marriage, we decided to make it a tradition to travel to Walt Disney World every year for our anniversary. And it was a really great decision. We think that Disney is a terrific vacation spot for couples, and we’re hoping to highlight some of our favorite parts of the place Where Dreams Come True here for you.


We’d both traveled to Disney as children, but it had been well over ten years since either of us had been there when we made our first trip for our fifth anniversary. From the moment we boarded The Magical Express, we knew we were hooked. Now we spend our entire year looking forward to our week in Florida for our anniversary.

Shawna’s a huge character fan. Joshua loves the rides. And we both think the food is simply out of this world. We hope you find something interesting and perhaps entertaining here. Always feel free to drop us a line.

About Shawna


  • Favorite Ride: Toy Story Mania. I know it’s cliche. I just can’t get enough of this ride. Joshua always beats me, but I still love it.
  • Favorite Character: This one is so hard for me. Joshua suggested I write some code to have my answer change every time you loaded the page. That is probably the only way to accurately answer this question. But I didn’t do that. 🙂 I decided on Merida. My hair is red and crazy just like hers. But ask me in an hour, and that’ll probably change.
  • Favorite Show: Indiana Jones Stunt Show. It’s my favorite for one reason — I want to be the lady who runs this show, picking volunteers and all that! I am convinced that is the best job in the world.
  • Favorite Restaurant: Sanaa. This is the only restaurant we make sure to book every year. They often do something special for our anniversary, either champagne or a song or something. It’s just wonderful. Oh, and the food, terrific.
  • Favorite Character Dining Experience: Cinderella’s Castle. I’m a ridiculously big fan of the princesses, so this is beyond amazing. And the food is good to boot.

About Joshua


  • Favorite Ride: The Land. This might seem like an unusual pick, but I like to garden and love to see how Disney can grow things in the desert. The mouse ear cucumbers are pretty amazing, too. Take the Behind The Seeds tour to see more!
  • Favorite Character: Winnie the Pooh. He’s simple, yet somehow wise, and he knows what he likes. His devotion to culinary delights (okay, honey) is complete!
  • Favorite Show: The Muppets 3D. Song and dance, terrible jokes, cheap 3D gags, this one has it all.
  • Favorite Restaurant: 50’s Diner. Another gem at Hollywood Studios, the PB&J milkshakes are to die for. Mind your manners here and you’ll get along fine.
  • Favorite Character Dining Experience: Chef Mickey’s. Are you noticing a trend? Mickey looks great in his chef hat, and serves up a breakfast to match!