What We Pack in Our Backpack

What's in our backpack

What’s in our backpack

When we first went to Disney, I carried everything in my purse. It was fine, but I always lugged everything. And I don’t generally carry a huge bag, so I sometimes felt like I couldn’t bring what I wanted to bring. So after our first year, we decided to bring a backpack instead. And now I leave my purse in the room. Here’s what we pack up in our backpack before we leave for the parks.

Sunscreen — This is my #1 item. If I didn’t bring anything else, I’d have sunscreen. The Orlando sun can be brutal, and sunscreen in the park will run you upwards of $15 a bottle! Bring it with you, and don’t forget to apply it. Nothing is worse than ruining your vacation by getting a painful sunburn your first day.

Hats — Not only does my Safari Minnie hat shield my face from sunburn, it also looks super awesome because it has Minnie Mouse on it!

Sunglasses — Have I mentioned the Orlando sun? Because the Orlando sun can be brutal.

Plastic zip-top bags — We’ll put our cell phones into a plastic bag when we’re on rides like Splash Mountain. You don’t want to ruin your phone on a water ride.

Ponchos — In case you didn’t know, it rains in Florida. Sometimes, it rains a lot. Ponchos at Disney cost a fortune. We got our ponchos at Meijer before our first Disney trip for less than $10 total. They have been a life saver every year.

Pain reliever — Don’t let a midday headache ruin your vacation. One Excedrin can go an awfully long way.

Portable phone charger — We got a portable phone charger that runs on batteries to bring with us to the parks. We take lots of pictures and use the Disney phone apps for things like wait times. That can take a toll on your phone battery. It’s great to be able to throw it in the bag and get it charged up.

Hand sanitizer — But Shawna, it’s not in the picture! I know… I realized that after I’d put everything away. Please don’t judge me. You can find hand sanitizer dispensers in the park, but a little bottle doesn’t weigh much.

And a note about the actual bag. We use a very light drawstring bag, because we don’t want it to weigh a ton. The bag with all the goodies inside weighs less than 2 lbs. Joshua is kind enough to wear it most of the time, but we do take turns.

Am I forgetting anything? What do you bring to the parks?

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